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Sync'ing and Calendar questions for those clever ones...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vwgolfman, May 15, 2011.

  1. vwgolfman

    vwgolfman Member
    Thread Starter

    Hi please can I have some information on how Sync'ing and the Google Calendar should be configured on my Galaxy S2?..........

    "Backround Data"... Applications can sync, send and receive data at any time is ticked.
    "Auto-Sync"... Applications sync data automatically is ticked.

    I have a google account set up on my S2. I am sync'ing GMail and Calendar (but not contacts).

    When I view the settings for the Google Calendar app on my phone and select Calendars from the menu I see that by default I am viewing...

    * My Calendar
    * Google Calendar
    * UK Holidays

    When I create an event using Google Calendar on my phone, the event appears when I log in on my desktop to Google Calendar. This obviously means the sync'ing is taking place etc.
    When I create an event using my desktop it appears on my phone's calendar app so all appears to be well.

    Now here are my questions...

    1) How does "My Calendar" differ from "Google Calendar" and do I really need to have "My Calendar" ticked as one of the calendars viewed on my mobile?

    2) I made a complete backup of my phone using Samsung Kies, did a factory reset and then restored everything using the backup file. This process seems to have wiped all of the events I had previously configured in the Google Calendar and I cannot get them back.
    How could this have happened?
    I guess I shouldn't have restored the Calendar data and just let the phone sync again with the Google server as that would have sync'd my calendar/events back up wouldn't it (I could have unticked that option when I chose what to restore on the phone)?

    3) After the factory reset, when I first configured my Google Account and checked the Calendar, a message popped up with something about "My" google calendar cannot sync or will not sync to Samsung Kies Calendar.
    What's that all about?

    4) Another thing is that I am considering using Yahoo Calendar. Is there any way I can sync my Google Calendar app (or is there a Yahoo Calendar app) with Yahoo Calendar on my desktop?
    Has anybody tried this?

    5) I have unticked "Back up my data"... Back up applications data, Wi-Fi, Passwords and other settings to Google Servers.
    Would it be safe to enable this and make my passwords available to Google?
    What "other settings" are backed up to the Google servers?

    6) I have unticked "Automatic Restore"... When reinstalling an application, backed up settings and data will be restored.
    Should I enable this to ensure data integrity?

    7) How many of you Sync your contacts with Google servers?
    I don't use gmail on my desktop and my contacts list is maintained in Windows Live Mail. It is completely separte to the contacts in my phone. I don't need them to be sync'd.
    However I could ensure data integrity by enabling the contacts in my phone to be Sync'd.
    Until now I have avoided doing this as I don't really feel Google need to know who all my friends are and what their contact details are.
    Am I being silly?!

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  2. NZtechfreak

    NZtechfreak Android Expert

    Arghh! Too many questions! :)

    I'm at work, but will try and help you out later when I have more time at home (unless someone else gets in before me).
  3. vwgolfman

    vwgolfman Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes please! :)

    Would really appreciate your help and advice!

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