Syncing between note 10.1 and note 3

Hi all.
I have taken the plunge and bought a note 10.1 to replace my iPad.
All looks good so far.
However I have a few questions about syncing with my note 3 phone.
For example I use action memo as a widget on my phone. Can I sync this to my tablet?
I've tried ever note but the widgets are crap!

Also what apps are there out there that have good widgets for this tablet.
For example a sky TV widget?


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I can't answer your question about action memo syncing, because I don't have the Note 3. I guess it depends on whether it stores in the cloud or not. I have it on my Note 10.1 2014 and I'm not sure that it does.

Personally I try to limit how many widgets I use, because they often take up screen space unnecessarily and use more system resources. I use Evernote on both my Note 10.1 2014 and my S5 and the notes sync across both ways perfectly - I just access the app via a standard icon. Very often you will find a standard icon just as good as a widget.

As far as Sky TV is concerned, there is a Sky News widget. There are also Sky+ and Sky Go apps which work just fine on the tablet.

This is a really nice tablet and I wouldn't be without mine. Hope you enjoy it too!


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I've just checked Action Memo my tablet and I cannot see that it syncs to the cloud at all. It looks like it stores the data on the tablet.

However S Note - which you have on both devices - will sync either to your Samsung account or to Evernote (you choose in settings), and thereby you can share across your devices.


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yeah, I have used S note before on my note 3 .
neither have widgets that display the memo though, just a link to the app .
I'll keep looking .