Dec 3, 2009
Washington State
Okay, I've got all of my contacts in GMail.

I have several that I created in Gmail that have nothing in the "Name" field but only have data in the "Company" field. These are for businesses, obviously.

I like to have a "generic" company contact entry for my clients and individual entries for contacts at those companies. (It's how I have my work Blackberry set up.) So for example, I'll have an entry for Acme Toys, with all the general contact info, lead phone number, address, etc. And then I'll have an entry for Jon Smith at Acme Toys, with his specific contact info, email address, etc.

Where the weirdness comes in is if I have contacts sharing the same "Company" field data, the generic "Company" entry goes missing. The "Company" entry appears if there are no individuals sharing the same company name in the "Company" field.

Where it gets weirder, is if I add the company's name to the "Name" field, then the "Company" entry shows in the list, but all the numbers and emails from the other entries that share the "Company" field are pulled into the "Company" entry.

Anybody have any ideas on how I can fix this?
yeah, but I can't test it out. I've heard that the droid's native "contacts" somehow merges contacts, at least least merges their display, but you can somehow open that "merged" displayed contact and it has the others in it.

I'm still working on exporting mine from my Treo, and I did mine the same way as you. I'm waiting on a guy that has a java prog to do my contacts, but I'm considering paying the $25 for a year of goosync and doing it that way.

If you find any good info about this, could you let us know here on this thread?

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Alright, I've had some partial success.

From GMail Contacts:
I removed the "Company name only" entry and all of the contacts that were associated with it.
Then I made sure all the contacts were gone from my Droid.
Then I added back the "Company name" only entry and made sure it synced.
Then I added back the contacts associated with the Company.

This kept the Company only entry and the related contacts in the list. So, yea!

But this was only partially successful. For a company with only 4 contacts. The other 2 had many more individuals. 1 in 3 tries. Not bad for baseball. So I'm going to give up until the 12/11 patch comes out and try again.