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Syncing Google Task with phone

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MsL, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. MsL

    MsL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Good morning,

    I am a new andriod user ( mytouch slide) and I downloaded Jorte because I read that it will not only sync with google calendar but also google taks. The calendar is syncing just fine but the taks are not syncing.

    What do i need to do.

    Thank you very much,


  2. Jethro10

    Jethro10 Well-Known Member

    Obviously not solving your Jorte problem directly, but i use Gtasks quite successfully for syncing tasks, and it has a sync option.

  3. MsL

    MsL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks looking into that right now.
  4. FletchF

    FletchF Newbie

    Note that there are (at least) 2 apps called gtasks, and even more called gtask. I am very happy with the Gtasks by Dato.
  5. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Another vote for Gtasks by Dato. I used to use the other one but prefer Dato's.
  6. MsL

    MsL Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Yes that is the one I downloaded. So far so good.

    thanks for the suggestion
  7. FoxtrotUniform

    FoxtrotUniform Well-Known Member

    Also, to sync Google tasks in Jorte you have to hit the menu key and tap Sync. They're working on auto-sync for the next version.
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  8. wtherrell

    wtherrell Android Enthusiast

    Thanks, been looking for that manual sync key all day! Don't know how I missed it. 'course it took me 20 minutes to find my glasses this morning.
    Anyway it works. Tasks show up in google calendar and then in Outlook via gsync. I noticed the tasks also show up in gtasks once they are in google calendar. I really like the look and UI of gtasks and it's much simpler to use than Checkmark. Checkmark does way more than just to do list. I use it now as the closest thing I can find to the excellent ListPro I had used for years on my other PDA's.
  9. terrys

    terrys Lurker

    My version of Jorte (1.2.5) doesn't have a sync option when I press menu, any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Same here. I had the same issue, you have to use google calendar on your phone vs Jorte. Select your cal widget, select calendar, it tells you Jorte is for local mode only, Google is for syncing. I did that, opened my task and memo widget, sync....presto. You might also be able to go calendar, data import/export, copy data from Google to Jorte....I tried the former first.

    I'm not too happy that there is not a priority function for tasks, but then I find many apps lacking common sense and easy to program things.

    Droid X

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