May 14, 2021
Syncing help (From Smartphone to Tablet).

Hello, I would like to copy my Google Chrome bookmarks and passwords from my Smartphone to my tablet.

My Smart phone is a Motorola Moto e6 XT200DL running Android 9, and Tablet is an ACER model B3-A40FHD running Android 7

I'm not sure exactly how syncing works. What I really want to do is COPY, in one direction from my Smartphone to my tablet.
About a year ago, I tried syncing and it "synced away" my bookmarks lol. Basically, it updated to the device with less bookmarks (maybe because I used it most recently?)

So before I start meddling with sync, I thought I would post a quick message here. Is there anyway to just export a file? and import that file into tablet? Syncing seems like it will screw things up.

Both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi and to have NitroShare installed, set up, and active for the following to work.

Use the file manager to find the files, and share them with NitroShare.

Then select the device to send them to.

The file manager is excellent, being simple and effective.
Most stock ones are not, and the one included with NitroShare pales in comparison.
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As long as you are signed in to chrome with your Gmail credentials, Chrome will automatically have your bookmarks on the tablet
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