Syncing HTC desire e-mail with hotmail account


Hi all. I have recently bought a HTC desire. I am able to receive my hotmail e-mails and can send them back but when I look on my laptop it still showed unread messages on both hotmail and outlook even when I have read them on my phone. I used to have an INQ phone and I didn't have any problems with this before.

Has anyone got any suggestions how I can fix this problem?

Many thanks
Its because the phone only pulls a copy off the server and therefore deleting/reading off the phone doesn't actually translate back to the server... There is an option in the settings to delete off the server when received if thats any help...


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Mine stopped working for some unknown reason.

Mail is deleted off the server but isn't copied to phone.

Anyone got accurate hotmail pop settings so I can start again?

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The normal and should do it. The things is that pop3 sets up as a server where IMAP is more of a sharing system to do what you wish. I have a hotmail account and Gmail account. My Hotmail is set up as pop and Gmail as IMAP and Gmail is functioning as you point out. Perhaps see if you can set up the Hotmail to IMAP?


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My desire set up hotmail for me automatically, as someone else said google is magic.

Havent found a way to force it to delete mails from the server though, dont think its possible. Tend to just keep the hotmail mobile site bookmarked and use that if I really dont want to wait until I've got home to delete them properly.