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Syncing issues with G1 Calendar and Gmail Calendar

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by hadoob024, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. hadoob024

    hadoob024 Member
    Thread Starter

    Mar 18, 2009
    Hello. I've done some searches on this, but haven't found anyone's issues that quite resembles mine. Anyway, I created some Calendar events in Gmail. This worked fine. However, when it synced with my G1, although the event synced properly, the reminders didn't sync?!? I can't figure out why.

    And then when I go into my Calendar entry on my G1, and edit the reminder information, it doesn't save it to the same entry, but instead creates a duplicate entry that now has the reminder info in it.

    Any thoughts on what's going on? Incidentally, why doesn't the G1 Calendar give me the same reminder options as on Gmail? On Gmail, I can set a reminder for however early prior to the event, but on the G1, the max I can set it for is about 1 week.


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