Syncing music library issue


I have a music library on my phone at the present time. When I sync to add songs to my library on my phone, it adds all the songs again. Then I have all the songs on my phone twice. What do I need to setup to stop this from happening?


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I've had good success using winamp without any duplicates occurring and it is quite fast uploading from pc to phone, the speed of your sd card will likely affect upload times though.


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My problem is not speed, it's doubling my music library. What am I doing wrong?

I included the information about speed simply as an added feature, as I stated...I have not had any duplicates in my library when using winamp to upload from pc to phone.

I've had many issues with windows media player and iTunes creating multiple duplicates.

I would try erasing all music from the phone and using winamp to put it all back.