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Syncing Outlook, Music and More

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by unplugged1, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    One thing that the manual forgets to inform is that you can download an entire PC and Mac application called Samsung Kies that works differently than the Kies Wireless and USB connection program already on your Epic 4G Touch. (There is also a program called the Samsung New PC Studio at the same location that might interest some who want to convert video to their phone.)

    The Samsung Kies program allows full synchronization for Outlook and other software contacts, calendar, and also easy music, videos and photos syncing. Samsung provides a nice website to view the possibilities and download the free software. Check it out before trying. You can connect your phone by using a USB cord to your PC. If you decide you like it better than the standard Kies on your phone, you can connect to the program by simply using your USB or a wi-fi connection.

    This Kies program is much more elegant than just downloading music or video using Windows explorer. It allows syncing both ways between your phone and the computer, so if you add video, music or contacts to your phone, it automatically adds it to your PC.

    The Kies program also permits full back up of not only your music, photos and video, but your user-defined preferences and ringtones. It also backs up your email account information and settings.

    Once the software is loaded on your computer, the Help tab provides video tutorials on how to sync all types of files: contacts, calendar, videos, photos, music, even podcasts.

    The Kies for your PC and Mac is available for free download here:

    Mobile Phone's Software&Manual SAMSUNG

    At the same link as the one above, is a program for download called Samsung New PC Studio. This does not fully work with the Epic 4G Touch. However, some of the options do work with the phone. One of these of interest may be the "Video Converter" option at the bottom of the start page of the program. At this time, I know of no one who has tried to convert video to the phone. If anyone gives it a try, lot us know.

    Note: I am running Windows 7, 64 bit. I am not sure how other versions of Windows might work. Also note that when you connect to Kies with your Wi-Fi connection, you connect via the Wireless and Network settings in your main menu. (You don't use the web connection as you do with your Kies app included with your phone.)

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  2. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    How do I create a music folder and drag my music?

    When I plug in USB, I do not get option to see folders?
  3. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Is this after you have installed the computer program, Samsung Kies?

    If so, if you go into settings, you should probably manually "Browse" your computer to locate the Music folder.

    Then, simply start your sync at that point.
  4. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    Not working - may be an issue with Mac?
  5. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    The entire program is not working on your Mac? I don't understand what specifically is not working.

    Once you install the program on your Mac, there is a number of video tutorials that will lead you though the sync process.
  6. bad1550

    bad1550 Well-Known Member

    Finally got it to work

  7. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I have edited my first post to reflect another option at the same link called Samsung New PC Studio. Although this program does not fully integrate with the Epic 4G Touch, it does allow you do download and convert videos to the ET.

    Exactly how this works is not laid out in the tutorials. I don't have any videos I need to convert, so someone else might be able to report back to us on how this works for them.

    I also found that the Kies PC program also automatically converts video into Epic Touch playable format.
  8. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I downloaded program and it's taking forever to connect device. It seems it doesnt recognize my EPIC 4G touch
  9. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Make sure you start the program before you insert the USB.
  10. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    When I installed program for the first time windows 7 did not recognized driver for phone and I think that's the problem.

    Right now it's still "connecting..." (for about 5 minutes now)
  11. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I was able to use Kier Air and it looks really good.

    Although I found the problem as to why program was not recognizing phone and I went to TOOLS, INSTALL DRIVER. It installed it, Windows 7 recognized it and viola.


    When I connect it using USB, and it's about to recognize phone, it says:

    Reconnect the device in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode. Current connection mode not supported by Kies.
  12. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You want to make sure you are not using the Kies Air app at all when you connect the phone with USB when using Kies PC Studio.

    In other words, do nothing on the phone, just let the PC recognize it through the USB connection. The Kies PC Studio program has nothing to do with the Kies Air app on the phone.

    Also, you can connect the phone by using the Wi-Fi setting on your phone rather than using USB. You go to Wireless and Network on your menu settings, and select "Kies via Wi-Fi". So long as your PC and your phone are on the same Wi-Fi system, you will connect to the Kies program.

    Read and watch the tutorial on the Kies PC Studio that talks about connections.
  13. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I found the problem!

    I decided to google the exact above error message and some people at xda-developers had the same problem, but neither solution worked for me. So I decided to keep reading google results and some people with a their phone (in a Samsung forum) had the same problem and one of the people said to go:

    In your phone
    SETTINGS, Wireless Networks, USB utilities, and then I disconnected USB from computer and hit "Connect storage to PC", after that, I connected USB again with the computer, and it scanned a new driver (I think) which successfully connected, I opened Kies software, a viola!, it recognized it!
  14. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Happy to see you got it fixed. Hope all goes well with the program.
  15. sophie999

    sophie999 Newbie

    I really like the Kies Air app pre-installed on the phone. In fact, I would like to transfer it to my family member's Nexus s 4G. Can I do that somehow? Is it available anywhere so that I can DL it?

    I used other similar apps from the marketplace, but the free versions are limited in the size and number of files that can be transferred simultaneously.

    So, is there any way to transfer this app to another android phone?


  16. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Unfortunately, it appears that only Samsung phones are supported by this Samsung software. You would think that Google phones manufactured by Samsung would also work, but these Google phones are not listed as supported.

    This would be similar to HTC sync, which only supports HTC phones.
    sophie999 likes this.
  17. sophie999

    sophie999 Newbie

    The other phone we have is Nexus S, which is also made by samsung.
  18. unplugged1

    unplugged1 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Yes, the Samsung Nexus phone is manufactured by Samsung, but because it is a Google phone, the Kies program does not support it.

    Google phones are "pure" Android devices and are made to Google specifications.

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