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Syncing with Google - duplicate entries

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by radar9628, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. radar9628

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    I just changed from syncing my HTC ONE V with Outlook on my laptop (manually using cord) to syncing with Google apps. Several issues have arisen. I have read the user guide, but it doesn't help.

    In the calendar function:
    1. Does All calendars & pc sync have anything to do with syncing with Google apps? (should they every be checked?)
    2. is the calendar app with the red and white #15 shortcut the only calendar app on the phone?
    3. When only the Google Task and Google email are checked, 'Multi-calendar' appears under 'Calendar' in the top left corner. Since I only sync with my one Google calendar (I think!), what does 'multi-calendar' mean?
    4. When 'people' is checked, where does it sync on my laptop?
    5. Can I force a sync so my phone calendar is up to date NOW?

    Sorry for the basic questions, but I just can't find the answers I need. Thanks in advance.

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