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Syncing with iMac Address Book (contacts) and iCal w/o using Gmail?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Tryn2getaclu, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Tryn2getaclu

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    Thunderbolt is my leading choice for my next phone. However, I know little about Android's sync options (have searched). I have posted this elsewhere and not getting replies. Perhaps someone here knows or can point me in the right direction for blunt and direct answers.

    So far, all I read indicates syncing my computer (iMac in my case) requires opening a Gmail account and syncing via google. Frankly, on general principals, the idea that I have to give google access to my computer to get my contacts and iCal onto my phone is unsettling. Additionally, I have unlisted contacts (phone #s and addresses) that I feel it is inappropriate to load onto the google server. I have also read that even manually entered contacts will not voice-dial until backed-up via google.

    I have read about Missing Sync and will certainly consider that possibility. Are there any other/better options? Mostly, I will want to sync my contacts and calendar (occasional sync will suffice - daily or even weekly sync unnecessary). Of course I have other POP email accounts and really do not want to funnel anything thru Google if I don't have to. Are there any BIG benefits to using google and are there any losses/consequences to using MissingSync (or other worthwhile sync options)?

    Would someone please either explain (or possibly provide links to answers - I have searched) about the options for syncing Android 2.2 (thunderbolt) with imac Address Book, ical and anything else sync worthy in an iMac (not worried about music as I don't use music on my phone for anything other than ringtones) without going thru Google?

    If giving Google access to my personal computer is the only way to use/sync with Thunderbolt, I may have to look at other phones. I just can't wrap my mind around the idea "Android - the coolest OS and phones! All you have to do to use these great products is give us (Google) access to your personal computer..." Makes me feel like I'm selling my soul to the devil.:thinking:

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