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SyndicateROM Frozen 1.1.1 is up at XDA

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ZiggSVO, May 22, 2011.

  1. ZiggSVO

    ZiggSVO Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    Sure is and it's a mighty fine ROM as well. I hear they're already working on 1.2 as well. Not sure which will comes first, 1.2 or an official GB ROM.

    A lot of people have been experiencing problems flashing this via CWM My suggestion would be to flash it via CWM after making a nandroid backup, then flash the kernal package (if they're still separate, and this also gives you CWM IIRC), then flash the journalingon.zip (if you want it on), then reboot.

    This is the method I used (and no, I didn't leave out wipe 3x as I didn't) and I'm not having any problems with it at all. Some people aren't able to get their SD card to mount via USB. Others are having waking issues. I personally think it's because they don't understand SetCPU set to 'ondemand' doesn't have a lower limit. It will drop to 100mhz regardless what you set the min to. The 'conservative' setting is a different story on the other hand, and that's what I'm using.

    ROM is A+ in my book. Verdict is still out on CWM

    Oh, and make sure to read the first three or so posts in that thread in their entirety. Well, the first two at least. It provides instructions and files you'll need.
  3. stewdog1

    stewdog1 Newbie

    One thing their directions don't explicitly state is how to install from 1.1.0. Do you just flash this ROM?
  4. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Android Enthusiast

    Yup, just flash over. If you run into issues then do the 3x wipes and reflash.
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  5. hayzooos

    hayzooos Well-Known Member

    I'm fairly certain in the OP, they state what to do if coming from 1.1, what to do if coming from 1.0.1 or 1.0.2, etc. etc.
  6. stewdog1

    stewdog1 Newbie

    It says all that, except for 1.1.
  7. stewdog1

    stewdog1 Newbie

    OK, thanks.
  8. ZiggSVO

    ZiggSVO Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    ^This is correct
    Theimpaler was going to edit that and post it there because many others brought up the same issue :p

    U get it up and running? How do ya like it?
    buh-buh bum bum bummmmm
    I'm lovin it
  9. stewdog1

    stewdog1 Newbie

    I'm going to flash it either tonight or over the weekend. Looking forward to it.

    How's your battery life? 1.1.0 is pretty darn good.
  10. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    I came from SyndicateROM Frozen 1.1.0 and flashed SyndicateROM Frozen 1.1.1 the next morning after its release, and the battery life is pretty close to 1.1.0, maybe slightly better, I haven't noticed a difference when using it (still great obviously). I did however notice that my phone seems to be faster than the previous ROM, which is quite nice. Overall I'm rather impressed with the latest ROM, and loving it.

    Install couldn't be easier coming from 1.1.0, put the ROM on the sd card, shut down, boot into clockwork (I already had and flash it without whiping anything :)

    ACS rocks (special nod to mysteryemotionz, who I hear put in a lot of the time/work on the new version).
  11. stewdog1

    stewdog1 Newbie

    Is needed or is good?
  12. cds0699

    cds0699 Android Expert

    I think is fine since its ext4 and SyndicateROM Frozen 1.1.1 is designed for ext4. The main difference between and is is ext4 only, where as is RFS and ext4.
  13. ZiggSVO

    ZiggSVO Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    When I flashed the new ROM and kernel it bumped me up to on its own so you will be fine :)
  14. rounsy222

    rounsy222 Android Enthusiast

    Also is suppose to be more stable when flashing too thus cutting down on bad flashes:)

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