May 27, 2010
[UPDATED 10/15/2010]

System Info Widget features a horizontal (4x1, 3x1, 1x1) and vertical (1x4) widget that displays important info about your Android device right on your home screen.


* Battery life
* Battery Temp. in
[UPDATED - 6/13/2010]

Added 3 themes to choose from and now when you touch one of the icons, it will display the system info corresponding to that particular icon. Ex. touch SD card icon to display Settings>SD Card & Storage info
There's something called Market Enabler but I've never had to use it so can't tell you much about it. Search this forum or use google to find out about it.
if your app shows ALL storage then i'll buy it but it looks to be missing the sd card.

the SGS2 has the internal storage listed as a sd card and the card i added is a EXTERNAL SD CARD.

can you please confirm this by any chance? either way your app looks nice!