Help System update 98.18.78.XT907


Since I installed this update, my phone constantly freezes up and reboots itself all day long. I NEVER had a problem with this phone before this update. Is there anything I can do? Is anyone else having similar problems? I'm extremely aggravated, this phone used to be great, now it's worthless.


My wife's was doing this as well. Factory reset and put it in safe mode to no avail. Verizon is sending me a replacement. Her phone has been buggy since day one where mine has worked perfectly even after the update.


I have had the exact same problem. I had no problem until I upgraded. Now my phone locks up all the time and restarts itself. Even at night when I don't even use it, it will restart. Very frustrating. I went to the Verizon store today, they set everything back to factory default. My phone still locks up, not as much but then restarts. Since I've had the phone past 1 yr, they said there is nothing they can do unless I spend $$ and upgrade!! ugh.. Everything worked fine until I updated my phone last month.