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System Update-Update Checker Update Released: 01/30/15

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by Deleted User, Nov 25, 2014.

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    Well i was going to only include this in my roms but seemingly i decided to make it available to all android devices can also be implemented as a system app


    * Redesigned The footer of app to more of google new material design

    I do give permission to include this app in devs roms but is not authorized to change the app in anyway possible.

    Heres what this does

    This app checks my REN (Rapcity Entertainment Network) Update Server to see if an update for your android device is available

    * if an update is available will notify you with the auto update or manual check and will ask you to download the update or decline it if you wish.

    * will assists noobs by giving instructions on how to update/install the new firmware

    * and checks throught our 128-Bit HTTPS Security Servers to make sure that viruses do not get pass to your android device and to prevent currupted update files to be downloaded.

    We spent 4 hours building the server and the app why not support us by clicking that like button

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