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Did anyone else just receive a system update?


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This might be the roaming update I've been hearing rumors about... might set you to a similar build to the pmi warp...I'm not even getting it and I'm super curious....:p


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If it comes to my phone I will try it, I'm buying the Galaxy SII in a few weeks anyway, so no matter what happens to my phone with the update, I'll be upgrading anyway. Stay tuned I guess guys. If anything happens I will let you know.


The ultra-modern operator
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Yep, I am running OEM which is B08 based, but what got me wondering was that I've been on it for months... why did they just now try to update me (again) to B08C? That made me think this might be something new. I copied it to my SD, will upload later for us to pick apart.
I have been getting it for about a week now. It comes back about 4 or 5 times a day. I have root so will just have to ignore. Why fix it if its not broke, except for update notice, delete, repeat repeat repeat....