T-mo service. thoughts?


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What do you think of the htc one and Tmobile's service? I'm in the market to buy a new phone and I'm really interested in the htc one.

Pros, cons, anything will help


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By service, do you mean your data & cell service on the phone?

If so, then that's just T-Mobile. I don't think the phone itself has much to do with the coverage you receive.
I don't have the One, but an overall jist of what I've heard is that the build quality is solid, Sense 5 is a huge upgrade from Sense 4, buttery smooth, and that boomsound is amazing quality over other phone speakers.
People do say they wish it had a removable battery and microSD but if those don't concern you, then it shouldn't matter.
I heard mixed reviews about the camera so I can't say anything about that.

Also, to see how T-Mobile's coverage is in your area, go to Coverage Maps | Sensorly


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Keep in mind sensorly is crowd sourced. So if nobody is using it in your area its not going to be reflective of actual service.

If you already have T-Mobile service, you can expect the coverage to be the same with the one