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T-Mobile 55+ plan

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by PattiCakeUS, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. PattiCakeUS

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    Have you guys seen the T-Mobile plan for 55+? I'm not quite old enough, but it's a "for life" plan - $60/mo total for two lines with taxes and fees included (after $5 per line AutoPay discount).

    One of the few times in my life I wish I was older! I'm on Google Fi - which is great, but we're paying about $50 a month with 2gb data. The data usage has been fine so far, but I wouldn't mind paying a little more & not having to watch it. This seems like a really nice deal.

  2. varaonaid

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    Yes! I saw this plan back in late summer and we're actually in a similar situation as you. We're on PFi & paying quite a bit more that $60 per month. We would have switched already but TMo pulled the B1G1 they had on the SGS8/+ at the time literally the afternoon we went to switch. (I'm not kidding you, we came home from Best Buy where I had taken my spouse to show the two different phones in person & by the time we came home, the promo was dead! Grrrr...) I talked with TMo at length and it sounds like or coverage won't suffer much. While PFi has the 3 carriers, TMo says that PFi (or any other MVNO for that matter) doesn't offer their full roaming capabilities so I'm expecting coverage to be OK. One thing to note is that only one person on the plan has to be 55+ (which is the case in our family). It seems that most of their promos are available on this plan (like phone offers and the $10 upgrade/line for 4G tethering, HDTV, etc).

    The only reason we've not switched now is because I want to take advantage of a good phone offer when we do. The B1G1 offers are simply too good to miss & we won't want to add another line later on (which most of the offers require). My spouse is still rocking a Nexus 5x and I have a Pixel XL (which is admittedly going strong). One of my criteria for our next phone is support for the new Band 71. I know it's new but they will be building it out now & we live in a rural area. Plus, we often Kel poor phones for awhile and I don't see a reason to get a phone without it. I'm actually looking for thoughts on what phone to choose. I was initially thinking about the LG V30 but all the reviews have been pretty abysmal saying the screen is downright awful with lines and other issues. I'd enjoy the video recording features and the excellent audio & DAC bit I'm not prepared to sacrifice about terrible screen for those things. I'm pretty intrigued by a few of the Samsung offerings. I am really quite interested in Samsung Pay since it uses MST and had much wider adoption, I kind of like the DeX desktop option (and I think spouse would actually just it a lot as he writes quite a bit), and I've been happy with the Samsung phones I've had in the past (been awhile... We had SGS3s and I had a Samsung Note 2 that I really liked). The camera is a big deal for me, I love photography and use my phone as my primary image maker. I also want to be able to record decent/very good videos on it. I will be honest, I'm extremely careful with my phone's but I'm also a little bit rough on them -sure to no fault of my own. I have a rare genetic condition that causes my joints to be very weak & multiple frequent dislocations, spasms, and nerve issues. So, my hands sometimes (often) just don't work as they should. I always invest in a good strong case (prioritizing excellent protection over sleekness) and I always use a tempered glass screen protector. I do end up dropping my phone quite regularly (due to the above health issues especially with my hands) but I've never had an issue with my phone or screen breaking, ever. All this to say, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, is kind of intriguing for its ruggedness, battery, Band 71 support, etc. But I'm also concerned about longevity and the S8 Active didn't yet have support for Google's Project Treble which will help a great deal with much quicker updates on the future. But from what I'm hearing, it needs *native* Android 8/Oreo support. The other thing that I know is that we're just a handful of months away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ which promises a new dual camera, Snapdragon 845, 6gb RAM & 4K screen (potentially on both), Project Treble, and more. Is it worth investing (so much $, too!) in the S8 Active with the S9/9+ so close on its heels? What would you do? I'm leaning towards waiting just because it feels like the Snapdragon 835 is a bit "old hat" now and 4gb RAM has been the norm for a few years now (especially for the premium price) but I'd love to hear your thoughts. I'll post this question elsewhere, too, where it may be a better fit.

    I'm truly going to be sad to leave Project Fi but it's strange that they came out of the gate as such a disruptive force in the cell industry when they first started and yet they haven't changed their pricing since (with the exception of adding additional lines to an account for $5 less). They literally changed the industry (which was their goal). In had friends who worked at VZW tell me how they were having secret meetings about how to counteract PFi & they changed their pricing structure as a result. Then that shift began moving everything back towards "unlimited data" again where we are today. And yet PFi pricing is still the same $10/GB. We simply don't have enough WiFi when we travel to make up for the difference (even using the 1mil+ Xfinity hotspots that we have access to due to our home internet). We can barely get by on months when we don't travel as we use mostly WiFi at home and we can get a few WiFi hotspots around our city but I'm having to travel regularly now for medical treatment and those months have become positively painful on their billing $$$. I've asked them several times to please consider updating their pricing and adding an unlimited option. But they don't seem to have any plans to do so. It's sad. There is so much I love about the service. But we simply can't afford to stay with an option like the TMo 55+ out there. :(

    Anyway, thanks for sharing about this. I've not seen it talked about much and I appreciate hearing someone else's thoughts about it. Encourages me that we're on the right track for us. :)
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  3. mikedt

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    Not seen that, but as I'm over 50 I now qualify for free karaoke.
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    My wife and I are on that plan. $130.00 per month for unlimited everything. We also get a discount if we pay, every month, with the same credit card. Great service, plus T-Mobile built a new cell tower about a mile from my house. It's all good.:p
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