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[T-Mobile] Android 4.3 Root, Bootloader, Knox, Downgrade discussion Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mark112887, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. Mark112887

    Mark112887 Member
    Thread Starter

    First off I'd like to start out by saying that I realize there is probably a really good chance then I am restating some of the information that many people may already know, but being as I did not see any thread with this specific title I decided to go ahead and start a thread where we can contain all the talk about rooting 4.3 and discussing the new security.

    I upgraded my phone last night and even though I was rooted at the time the update still went through no problem, of course I lost root in the process but everything worked fine. Now, I had made the mistake of not doing my research prior to downloading the update and I had no idea that they updated the boot loader or rather the security or whatever you want to call it

    I was quite disappointed to find out that I have lost my ability to go back to 4.2.2 at least for now but I consider myself extremely lucky that chainfires auto root still worked. Yes I understand that it tripped the security counter but luckily knock on wood I haven't broken any of the android phones I have owned so far.

    So just to let everyone know if you have upgraded to 4.3 the chain fire auto root method still works however it will trip your counter and render your warrantee void at least for now

    For anyone that may be interested I was able to save the tar.md5 file directly from kies so perhaps it may be possible for someone who is running a Linux box to remove the update to the boot loader and allow the people that have not already upgraded to upgrade while maintaining their current boot loader, is thus preserving the ability to downgrade

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  2. alextop30

    alextop30 Android Expert

    I am expecting things like that to come about to tell you the truth. The fact that they are updating the bootloader is stupid - maybe that is why it took longer than an year to update to 4.3 - not a major update at all.

    In any case I usually wait quite a bit before jumping the train on the new update and in addition I do it by way of custom rom because I do not like having to go back and remove the bloat and recustomize my phone.
  3. mike28

    mike28 Android Expert

    I feel the same way at least we can still root of course keeping in mind that the warranty is voided can't really blame Samsung imagine how many have brink phones and reflash counter, anyway I'm sure someone will find a way to bypass knox, or at least I hope If not then it's either root and lose warranty or no rooting at all I been comfortable with stock 4.3 complaint 4.3 even though it's not a huge update it feels better less lag on touchwiz too
  4. alextop30

    alextop30 Android Expert

    I am pretty sure one of the awesome developers will find a way to reset the flash counter so you guys get your warranty back.

    Recently I read that motorolla is dialing down the root / bootloader warranty gimmicks and actually restoring warranty to people with developer phones that have unlocked the bootloader and set the counter off. Samsung seems to be moving in the opposite direction which is simply not bueno in my book.
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  5. Rooqy

    Rooqy Member

  6. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    I used that guide and have been running 4.3 for a few days. But i used mobile Odin to flash the modems because regular Odin wasn't working.

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  7. 11jjonn

    11jjonn Newbie

    Having searched pages of threads, I'm still somewhat confused!!

    I recently acquired a "gently used" M919, then rooted it with cf auto-root.

    Have 4.2.2 (MDL stock, which is fine with me) -- but, OTA constantly attempts to "bless" me with 4.3 --- which I understand is not desirable (what with knox and locked bootloader). Warranty doesn't apply, but I would like to flash whatever I choose.

    My questions:
    If I flash a rom, such as darthstalker or follow: [GUIDE] 100% KNOX Free 4.3, NO data drops AND call audio! here's how! [Noob friendly] - xda-developers, will that insure the OTA stops hounding me ???

    If so, I find the darthstalker directions easier to follow (I think).

    Or... should I do this first (if at all)? [ONLY FOR MDL BOOTLOADER] How to use 4.3 MK2 Modem and Retain Sound - xda-developers

    It seems there are just "too many moving parts" for me to comprehend.

    Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated.
  8. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    Yes I'd follow those threads. That's what i did. But if your rooted and you want to stay on 4.2.2 then you can use titanium backup and delete the system software update app
  9. 11jjonn

    11jjonn Newbie

    OK, installed Titanium Backup (free). Don't see "system software update" app.
    Details please.
  10. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    Sorry i believe its called FWupgrade.
  11. 11jjonn

    11jjonn Newbie

    What if I Freeze it with rom toolbox app manager?

    Just tried and rebooted - Software update still present ---BAH
  12. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    Damn idk lol.
    umm i would help but my phone is broken,
    you can try deleting the update.zip from the cache
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  13. 11jjonn

    11jjonn Newbie

    I decided to flash Darthstalker.
    Complex, customized procedure - rom works well & resolves my issues of OTA to 4.3
  14. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Android Enthusiast

    Glad to hear that!
  15. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator

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  16. cocokasper

    cocokasper Well-Known Member

    install the Xposed framwork and "wanam xposed" and the moduals. some awesome tweaks. and Darthstalker is an amazing rom. stable & everything works with everything you want, and nothing you don't (like carrier IQ logging)

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