Root [T-Mobile] Check or uncheck auto reboot?

Hello I'm new to rooting and am starting to read all these different tutorials on how to root the device (Samsung Galaxy S3, T-mobile SGH-T999). I'm seeing a whole bunch of different files and people saying to uncheck Auto reboot in Odin and some say keep it checked. I seen the tutorial that is sticked and people say it works, should I just follow this tutorial?

But on this video (How to Root the Sprint / T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III - YouTube)
There are different files .......


In this video below people say to check it and the video above people say to uncheck it.

*I'm confused*

How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy S3 SGH-T999! - YouTube


*Could someone just link me to a solid video that works and I can do on my S3 that isn't LTE compatible.* :)


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I posted this in another thread so I'll just post it here to via copy and paste.

From my experience, using that box either way will not harm least it did not for me. I flashed twrp recovery and was told via the instructions to leave it check marked. Well I had not put on a rom or anything so I wanted to boot directly back into recovery so I left that box unchecked, and rebooted manually via vol UP + home button + power back into recovery, and had no adverse affects from doing so. So I'm a bit confused as to why people think or assume or say that un-ticking that box can cause boot loops. I have done this 2-3 times now and had no issues what so ever.
To my knowledge all that button does is tell the phone to re-boot or not to re-boot depending on if you have it checked or not.
Can someone please explain more on why it's needed to have this checked or not checked, if that's all it really does please.
If this is indeed all it does, I don't see the urgency of having it checked or not......other than convenience and making things simple for those who are not root savvy, this I can understand.