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T-mobile Comet (Ideos U8150)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Lefty790420, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. Lefty790420

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    I recently purchased a Huawei U8150 from a coworker. I rooted with Z4root and have installed Rom Manager, Rom toolbox pro, Rootexplorer, and have tried flashing CWM recovery. Problem is, the 3-4 versions of rom manager I have used do not find U8150 recovery. I went to CWM website, verified the version I need and used my M835 to download. For some strange reason, my m835 uses U8150 recovery, so I redownloaded cwm and transfered to U8150. Rom manager will not look on my sd card for recovery img, just downloads newest version. Legacy versions are incompatible, the ones that pull up upon search do not match CWM website version. I installed terminal emulator and tried flashing manually, image not found error. I copied just the image to /system/bin , but still couldn't flash. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Lefty790420

    Lefty790420 Newbie
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    For the interested viewers out there that haven't mastered the search and filter. I found an alternative to cwm, Uj. Flashed Ultrajack through fastboot mode. I could not avoid using my laptop. I even used terminal emulater without success. It was by far the most frustrating root'nrom yet. Turned out fairly easy and with better results. Dronix 0.4 is a beautiful rom. Fast and lean, nice boot animation and backgrounds.


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