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T mobile drivers HELP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by miltonpulse, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. miltonpulse

    miltonpulse Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Is there A WAY OF DOWNLOADING the drivers for the t mobile pulse so it reads my Micro SD card when connected via usb?

    i really need the drivers so i can fix my phone but i have no damn disc

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  2. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member

    you can just use a cheap card reader ... the sdcard will act just like a usb thumb drive ...

  3. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Lurker

    Have you tried the Windows instructions here and they have not worked?

    15/10 1.2.3 - Installing Amon RA's patched recovery image on your device - Android @ MoDaCo

    If Windows does need the disk and you cannot get the drivers elsewhere you could.

    1. Download a USB Memory Stick Linux Boot Disk. (Use Unetbootin and I know Fedora 11 works)
    2. Copy the recovery image and fastboot to the USB
    3. Boot the USB.
    4. Get a root command prompt.
    5. Run fastboot with the recovery image as per the instructions.

  4. miltonpulse

    miltonpulse Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It says a certain file cant be found when i click install windows.

    im going to try this other way you told me but it looks confusing
  5. miltonpulse

    miltonpulse Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I dont know how to do the 2nd load of instructions you told me to do

  6. Paul Clark

    Paul Clark Lurker

  7. helikopter

    helikopter Newbie

    why do you still bother to answer him? he's ruining every pulse forums i know with his constant moaning. until now dozens of people tried to help him but he's still asking questions like he never read the answers.
  8. miltonpulse

    miltonpulse Newbie
    Thread Starter

  9. Muuurgh

    Muuurgh Member


    I think we all appreciate that you're stuck, and that you are in a bit over your head when we get down to talking technical.

    Which is why tech people created a search engine. A search engine, like Google or Bing, will allow you to search for something, to discover the meaning. Such as linux. Which is an operating system.

    When you get stuck be specific with the problem. Do not say "I dont know how to do the 2nd load of instructions you told me to do" and then write in capital letters how frustrated you are.

    Since you seem to want people to be specific when they are helping you, then you need to return the courtesy. Let us know what you have tried. Where you got stuck. Any error messages that displayed. We're not mind-readers. Surely you've got the time to do this, judging by the amount of time you've spent on various forums asking for assistance.

    Help us help you. Right now it's a quite frustrating task.

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