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T-mobile G1 with no service plan

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by androidforumsQuint, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. androidforumsQuint

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    I've had a G-1 for almost a year. T-mobile has had trouble with my nearby tower since June, so they let me out of my contract. Now I have a G1 with no service plan.

    I set it up to use wifi.


    Still works

    Market - yes, and I can still install apps
    Gmail - yes
    Email - yes (but not Yahoo IMAP)
    browser - yes
    Google Maps - yes
    MyTracks - yes (not sure about GPS, though)
    Calendar - yes, still syncs


    Doesn't work

    phone calling (obviously)


    As far as I can tell, with no service plan and only wifi, it's just the phone itself that doesn't work anymore.

    Can anyone recommend a VOIP app for my WIFI-only G1? Any luck with Skype? What about Gizmo?

    Or recommend a great provider to get on, maybe voice only, maybe voice/data?



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  2. androidforumsQuint

    Thread Starter

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