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T-Mobile G2 Touch Update?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by danarc, May 29, 2010.

  1. danarc

    danarc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Have just got this on a contract, hadn't realised that it was only on Android 1.5, and wanted to know if there's a way I can upgrade to at least 2.0? Would prefer to not have to "root" the phone, but if its the only way I wouldn't mind being pointed in the right direction :)

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  2. CptGemini

    CptGemini Android Enthusiast

    If its anything like my G1 you can only go up to 1.6. Idk though how much internal memory the G2 has though but if its just like the G1 you wont be able to upgrade any higher than 1.6 regardless.
  3. DreadAlert

    DreadAlert Newbie

    But whats with all the talk of 2.1 being released for the G2 Touch then?
  4. MonmouthDroid

    MonmouthDroid Well-Known Member

    The G2 and G1 are not the same. The G1 is the HTC Dream and the G2 is the htc Hero. HTC has said the hero will get an update to 2.1, but no further. They have already released the update for the CDMA Hero's in the U.S., so I can't imagine yours will be far behind.
  5. MonmouthDroid

    MonmouthDroid Well-Known Member

    Also, i am sure that if you were to root, you could have 2.1 now.
    XDA forums are much more active for your particular phone than these forums. Here is a link
    HTC Hero: G2 Touch - xda-developers
  6. DreadAlert

    DreadAlert Newbie

    I'm getting my G2 Touch in a couple of days, and I'm almost positive I'm not gonna root it. The current update is fine, and I can deal with waiting until 2.1 which will be more than enough. :)

    Anyone have any ideas when the official release date is?
  7. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Newbie

    They keep putting it back. It was supposed to be a few months ago, But then the postponed it, and they keep doing so.

    The Sprite has the 2.1 update, So at a guess, I think a update shouldn't be too far down the line. Pity its a OTA update though.
  8. DreadAlert

    DreadAlert Newbie

    ROM version 2.73.405.5 is the current for the Hero
    What would that be called on the phone info?
  9. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Newbie

    Firmware version.
  10. DreadAlert

    DreadAlert Newbie

    Yeah but what would it be called? Like 1.6? or what is it? So I know what the right one is.. Cause im pretty sure it wont say 2.73.405.5
  11. Piemanpm

    Piemanpm Newbie

    Well I go settings > about phone > firmware version. Mine says 1.5
  12. DreadAlert

    DreadAlert Newbie

    okay cool. now i know when i get it tomorrow, i'll know if i have the latest or if i need an update.
  13. TheBrit

    TheBrit Android Expert

    For the G2 the build number is for the current ROM. Firmware version is 1.5

    If you are on 1.76... for the build number then you will need to update it.
  14. solarpower03

    solarpower03 Newbie

    Hi there,
    I am on Firmware version is 1.5. How can I upgrade to Android 2.1?
    Many thanks,

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