Jul 14, 2013
ok so i just fixed my galaxy s4 from a soft brick. Firstly it's not rooted and im trying to update the software but i can't it says your device has been modified but it's not rooted also wifi doesn't work and i keep getting this thing in my notifications that says i need to restart so i do but it still stays there. Someone plesae help me
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settings >>> more >>> developer options >>> uncheck "verify apps via USB" >>> profit.

if developer options aren't listed in more you'll need to enable them:

settings >>> more >>> about device >>> tap "build number 7 times" >>> do the above >>> profit.
Welcome to the forums gowildcats :hello:

It looks like your problem is your baseband and build number don't match. One is MDL and the other is MDB. They should both be MDL if you odin'ed back to stock. Or did you Odin the MDB build?

You can try to Odin the UVUAMDL build. Then go to recovery and wipe data/factory reset.
even if you odin the right rom to the phone it will still show custom not official
you will need to use triangle away to reset the flash counter.
I hold no responsibilty for what it does to your phone.