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T-Mobile Nexus One=> UNLOCKED T-Mobile G2

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by djpharoah, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. djpharoah

    djpharoah Newbie
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    I've had this N1 for about four months now and I'm really getting GAS for a physical keyboard since I'm a huge forum nut and moderator on a few.

    I have a N1 (TMO) in 7-8/10 condition. It's got a screen protector, the N1 neoprene sleeve and the USB charger cable. Comes with a 16gb Class 2 microsd. Got a few minor dings on the corners. Currently running Evil's Desire HD rom.

    Looking for an unlocked TMO G2 so that I can use it with AT&T. Wouldn't mind adding a bit of cash depending on condition.

    I have references on heatware (djpharoah), HowardForums (djpharoah) and eBay (razr_geek) and a few on here as well.


    PICTURES of the N1

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  2. Socrats

    Socrats Member

    Im interested

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