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Root [T-Mobile] "Other" in storage taking 11gb

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ferretflip, Nov 5, 2013.

  1. ferretflip

    ferretflip Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Dec 29, 2012
    South Florida
    This has been a minor annoyance for a while now, but something has been taking up a good chunk of my storage and I don't know what it could be. I'm running ARHD 31.0 on the 32gb. I just did a factory reset to which nothing changed. I went through my backups and cleared app data and cache from apps I don't use any more and it got down to 8gb, but out of no where went back to 11.

    While exploring the root browser, I found that some system files were duplicated from the rom flash. /SD card has 3 folders, all of which end up in the same directory. Could that be it? Should I delete that or will that funk something up?


  2. tommo47

    tommo47 Well-Known Member

    Feb 5, 2012
    Llangollen, North Wales.
    How much of the 11gb are you unsure about ? Are you taking into account the 6.6gb of system storage which according to my storage breakdown is included in the 'other' category?

  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2010
    the other is prolly stuff left over from from the jump from 4.1 to 4.2/4.3 since the storage locaTION changed from from data/media to data/media/0

    one option would be to restore a 4.1 rom and move the sd card contents to the PC,then delete them all. restore the 4.3 rom and put pack what you wish to still have on your sd card.

    another option would be to navigate to data/media and copy what you want to keep to data/media/0 then delete data/media. this is a somewhat more confusing way to do it,as its easy to get "lost" about wich folder youre in when copy/pasting

    one of the biggest culprits for hogging storage space in either location is nandroid backups,so move them frequently from the phone to the PC or a usb OTG storage and only keep one or 2 on the phone.
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