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[T-Mobile] Pac Man ROM - Screenshots ?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ChristianOrtiz, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. ChristianOrtiz

    Thread Starter

    so I finally got Everything set up and in my opinion its okay, but now how do i take a screenshot with this ROM? ive tried swiping across the screen but it doesnt work

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  2. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    Does power+home button work?
  3. Cory18

    Cory18 Newbie

    Swiping across the screen is a motion feature of touchwiz. Pac Man Rom is AOKP. So you'd have to go with the power and home button :)
  4. vedhed21

    vedhed21 Lurker

    Hey Christian, I held down power till the power options came up. Screenshot was one of the options.
  5. Hashcode

    Hashcode Lurker

    - Press down at the same time: Bottom volume button and the power option.

    - Profit!

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