Root [T-Mobile] please help me on which ROM to install on my t-mobile Samsung S3 sgh-t999


I am new to rooting and roms. I have rooted my phone. As I search for a Rom to install , I understand how to install BUT my concern and confusion is to which Rom file is correct to use. All the ones I find are for Samsung galaxy s3 I9300 and warnings state only use on that specific phone. Is there a difference on I9300 and my sgh-t999? I really don't want to brick my phone. My goal is to remove bloatware and improve little glitches like screen load and battery life.... which I found that omega might work just really confused on which Rom file is safe for my phone. Please can anyone help me with this?
There are differences. Dont flash a rom for an international or another carrier on your tmobile. A great rom I was running was FreeGS3. Bloatware removed, fast, reliable. Right now I am running AOKP, it's very stable but still has some minor glitches. FreeGS3 runs perfectly and retains the TW ui. AOKP is completely different.


Go to XDA and look for the T-Mobile version of the S3. Under original development. Check out Codename Android. Also flash lean kernel with it. I am getting flawless performance and about a day and a half of battery life.


AOKP jb build 4 is "stable" and has unlimited options. best yet you still can hotspot with the unlimited 4G. XDA had everything. as warrior said NEVER flash anything that isnt for d2tmo (thats your phone, by the way)
Sammy3 AOKPjb4/UVLI8/KT747 OC 2.1....dumb fast

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Running Wicked V7. So far so good! Only problem I try to fix is the sound is getting weird sometimes. I was told to flash a new kernel or making my lowest cpu power to 702.. seems to works but I feel that i use much more battery. Other wise awesome rom. They are currently working on Jelly bean roms now I tried one but I better liked the ICS one. (Wicked V7)