Help T-Mobile Prism wifi problem


Hello fellow android users,

I have been working on this one android phone for about a month now, and i just can't seem to fix it. The issue is that the wifi wont turn on on my t-mobile prism, when i tap the wifi on, it turns on for about ten seconds and turns right back off. When doing this, theres a add network thing, when i try to add my wifi network just out of curiosity, it said it couldn't save it. I have searched everywhere for an answer, never finding the problem that i could relate to. The phone is running on Android v.2.3.6, Build number U8651V100r001USAC85B897 Rooted also.

I've tried the *#*#526#*#* thing, it only disappears after the last * and does nothing, I've tried a wifi fix app and no sucsess, I could use some help if anyone can give me any, or help troubleshoot.



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Something could have gone wrong while rooting the phone, but as long as the MAC address of the phone is listed in your router as a device allowed to connect to it, then it otherwise should not disconnect, unless there is an underlying issue with the router.