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[T-Mobile] root tmobile galaxy s3 ON A MAC!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by yussi, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. yussi

    yussi Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Does anybody have any leads to follow to root the TMOBILE version of the galaxy s3 with a macintosh laptop?
    I believe I have searched 'everywhere' just to only find redundant and useless info for mac users. Some of the info leads to root the tmobile version but not on MAC, some other info leads to root ON A MAC the INTERNATIONAL VERSION.

    So, any ideas???



  2. Prime85

    Prime85 Android Expert

    only with bootcamp
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  3. mrnv45

    mrnv45 Lurker

    i seen some new ones for mac users on youtube and google.. but none for the 4.1.1 update that just went through to the phones.. can anyone show me how to get the new tmobile update that just got sent out to 4.1.1? none i found work and i dont have a pc at all, not near, or with friends.
  4. SatelliteGuy

    SatelliteGuy Member

    Easy as pie...
    1. Install bootcamp
    2. Install Windows
    3. See Windows rooting instructions

    I hate to go on a rant to the choir but... you can be a mac-lover all you want. I have no problems with mac. I own a 2009 model macpro 2. But that said, there are times you are just going to have to concede to needing to run WHAT EVERYONE ELSE RUNS to perform a given task. I find it impossible to believe that you dont have access to a windows machine, or cant load an old copy of XP on your macbook for these tasks. To limit yourself this way is ridiculous, pig headed, and downright ignorant.

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