Jul 22, 2011
So long story short i rooted my HTC One and the ROM messed up my phone and stupid me didnt do a backup so if i D/L a RUU will it restore my phone or am i SOL?
Welcome thecityboy781 :)

I believe and ruu will unroot your device and although I am not that familiar with your device, you could always download another rom and flash it.
Just be sure that the rom is compatible with your device and carrier:)
Can you still boot into recovery?
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Before you run this ruu, (like I said, I don't know your device that well, and it may not be as simple as running the ruu....others who know your device will have better advice for you if you want to do that but..) have you tried another rom?
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Glad you are sorted. If you find yourself stuck in the future,you can easily just relock the bootloader,and you can use the sideload feature to flash a new rom and get up and running without an ruu.

You might also consider becoming s off. S off makes recovery of soft bricked devices much easier,so as long as your able to use some caution what you flash,s off is IMO much,much better :)
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