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T-mobile support for Atrix2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by crazybrit, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. crazybrit

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    Reading it seems that T-Mobile is refarming it's network to offer 3G HSPA+ on 1900mhz. support.t-mobile.com/thread/34994

    My question. If I go to the coverage map it shows I have 4G at my street address which I assume is LTE? There doesn't seem any way to check 3G coverage. Is it implied wherever 4G exists? If so, I assume it's quite likely the previous 1700/2100 band 3G and there is no way to distinguish between this and the refarmed HSPA+/1900?

    So I'd then fall back to GSM/2G which I assume would be available on the Atrix2 in all areas where I have connection to a T-Mobile tower.

    I'm out of contract with AT&T in December. I'm quite happy with the phone and see no need to drop $$$ on a replacement but I'm sick of AT&Ts crappy text-message policy (20c per in+out or $20/unlimited). I can't fathom how they thought dropping the 500/texts for $5 and only offering these options (on top of data charges) was going to help them win/retain customers.

    Thinking of taking the phone, which is now unlocked to T-Mobile. I live in Portland, land of free wifi plus I work from home. I only have 200MB data with AT&T and I rarely exceed 60MB month. Also the AT&T 4G data service here is terrible.

    Just want to confirm what I'm getting into if I switch to T-Mobile. I won't be under contract but changing carriers is always a pain. Also I expect T-Mobile to continue to improve. I think my wife (who's already on T-Mobile) can add me and we'll be paying $80/month combined for 200mb/data which is a good deal.

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