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T-Mobile UK, simply the best

Discussion in 'T-Mobile' started by Ageless Stranger, Jan 13, 2009.

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    Dec 2, 2008
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    I'm out of my 30 day exchange period where I can give back my G1 and tell T-Mobile I dont want it any more, please can you take it back. Why do that I hear you ask? Traitor I hear you say. Not I, read on.

    I have a white G1, it was the only colour the shop had at the time I bought it, I really wanted a black G1 but had to settle for second best. I phoned T-Mobile up complaining I couldnt see the keyboard and they told me unless it was broke I couldnt exchange it, and if it was broke I would get a white one as a replacement.

    So I sent off an email to T-Mobile explaining how poor I thought their service was, and an hour later a senior customer relations manager called me and said he was really sorry to hear about my plight and said he would look into it.

    Well today he phoned up with good news, all I have to do is take my phone back to the shop and they are waiting to replace it with a black G1.

    Got to hand it to T-Mobile, they certainly know how to keep their customers happy.


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