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T-Mobile USA Pre-order, release date, and announcement discussion

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Stigy, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Stigy

    Stigy Some say...
    Thread Starter

    Starting June 21, T-Mobile

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  2. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    We will also be trying to maintain all US T-Mobile pre-order/discussions here. Thanks for the understanding
  3. My customers have been clamoring for this device for a while now. June 21st should be pretty big.
  4. Hustletron

    Hustletron Well-Known Member

    Thanks for this thread.
  5. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    I don't understand why Tmo isn't having pre-orders like other carriers. :thinking:
  6. Hustletron

    Hustletron Well-Known Member

    I feel like Tmo was the first to claim they would be carrying this and then everyone else is now going crazy about it while Tmo has been quiet. I had to go looking for info on their website about the phone while I'm seeing more ads for Sprint's and VZW's version.

    I personally thought/heard that Tmo's version would be slightly superior due to HSPA and the fact that its better on battery due to not having to switch between 2 radios. I figured that'd be a selling point considering Sprint's LTE isn't up yet and Verizon's LTE phones in my experience are a real pain with the handoff between 3g and 4g.
  7. T-Mobile's will probably have better battery life without the LTE Radio. It will have HSPA+ 42 which is very fast but still not approaching Verizon LTE speeds. Not sure how fast AT&T LTE is since I haven't had a chance to test it out yet. T-Mobile does a poor job at advertising its advantages over other carriers in my opinion.
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  8. Hustletron

    Hustletron Well-Known Member

    I know the tech specs between LTE and HSPA and I'm with VZW right now and LTE isn't that great in my area however I don't know the signal strength of Tmobile in my area so it's tough to decide for me. I really just want a new phone lol.
  9. darbebo

    darbebo Newbie

    Hi Guys,

    New here and do want to post a couple of questions:

    1. My contract is ending on 6/19 and the retailers are telling me if i renew i can get a free S2 (fork up the 250 now and then get rebate later). I am currently using a Nexus One phone since Jan 2010. I saw a recent video about the Gs2 vs GS3, and the similarities are around the same, should I go with the "free" GS2 over the new GS3?? But I think the 2 gb ram and the 1.5 ghz dual core and larger size beats out the gs2 no? I am really at a crossroad here because i was dead set on the GS3 until this promotion threw me under the bus, I'm still leaning towards the GS3 and missing out the promo btw...

    2. I heard since this is not a google phone , therefore there will be crap load of bloatware from T-mo, how are your experience with T-mo smart phones? (aka the GS2 T-mo version). I have the nexus one directly from google, so didn't have any so can't tell. the phone before that was a flip phone lol.

    3. Let's say I go want to get the International version, where would be the best place? Is it through amazon?

    4. If i were to get an international version off amazon, would it work with my USA T-mo connection? I was thinking I would renew my plan but instead of getting a GS2 I would look for some kinda rebate or something,then get the international GS3, but if the international version does not work with USA t-mobile connection/sim card/HSPA 4+, i'm screwed. What can you guys tell me?

    5. The retailer i called told me that I renew my plan right now, get the S2 for "free". Then when S3 launches I can bring it back and do an upgrade for the difference of cost in a week. How legit is that?

    Thanks again for your help

    -Lost soul
  10. cspiegs

    cspiegs Lurker

    Is anyone else pissed off that TMobile is not including the Galaxy S III with its Fathers Day Free Phone promotion? Has anyone found a workaround for this?

  11. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    2 - Yes there is bloat. Im not sure how it will be with the S3, I assume the same, but with the recent upgrade for the S2 to ICS at least you can disable a lot of the bloat now.

    3 - Amazon or Negri Electronics However,

    4 - Tmo uses the 1700 frequency for 4G. The international doesn't have that and you would only get 2G speed.

    Does anyone have a clue what flavor of ICS the S3 will have on Tmo? 4.0.3 or 4.0.4?
  12. Tried contacting T-Mobile about upgrade questions on the family plan and also info and how much $ and if the T-Mobile store will have enough near me to get one on Thursday but couldn't get any useful info from the robot.

    I'm eligible for the phone upgrade if I extend the contract it shouldn't be too expensive...I saw new contracts on other carriers are $199 for the phone with 2 year contract...So I'm guessing 250-300 for the upgrade? Anyone have a plan for how they are going to acquire the phone from T-Mobile?

    Lastly my sim card is from 2004, is there any disadvantage to how old my sim card is? Just space? but who stores stuff on there...

  13. pablo.station

    pablo.station Well-Known Member

    Im just gonna walk in and get one. Im with Sprint now but will go to t-mobile because 1.) Don't like at&t or Verizon and Sprints service where I live is awful.
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  14. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    I think stores are getting demo's in today. I'm going to go check one out. I just want to hold it in my hand. :p

    *edit* awww crap. I was thinking today was Wednesday. :(
  15. Hustletron

    Hustletron Well-Known Member

    I'm personally concerned that we haven't heard much from Tmo regarding this phone and that they couldn't give someone an answer regarding availability on Thursday.....
  16. MattB17

    MattB17 Newbie

    I called my local T-Mobile store yesterday (i'm in Nashville, TN) and they told me they aren't scheduled to get the phone this week since they aren't one of the major market cities and didn't have an exact date yet :(
  17. wjcorner

    wjcorner Lurker

    If you go to the mobile version of their site they have a June 21st date set...why they don't have preorders, or even have a date on their main site, I don't know...hopefully it won't sell out before my check next Friday though lol
  18. Kasé Zomé

    Kasé Zomé Newbie

    Does anyone know if Tmo is releasing the 32GB version on the 21st? I've scoured the Net, talked to 2 local stores, called customer care, and even called Business Care (we have a corporate account) and nobody can verify if the 32GB will be coming out on the 21st.

    Heck even the Biz Care rep said that he won't get training on the phone until the 27th!

  19. wjcorner

    wjcorner Lurker

  20. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    Samsung Galaxy S III Launch Update

    To ensure customers receive the best possible experience, the Samsung Galaxy S III launch will now be broken into two phases. T-Mobile will still be the first carrier to offer the device in-store but the rollout will be in two phases instead of one.

    Select Retail and Branded locations in the top 29 markets will launch as scheduled on June 21. In addition, a limited amount of Samsung Galaxy S III devices will be available on T-Mobile.com.

    Due to the excitement surrounding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III, customer demand will exceed the expected launch quantity available on June 21 T-Mobile anticipates the remaining Retail and Branded locations will launch on June 27. Stores that do not receive the initial distribution, and stores who sell out of their initial stock, should use the GSIII Call Back List and contact customers when the devices are available.

    Pricing will be as follows:

    $629.99 Full Retail, $229.99 down on Value Plans with $20 EIP, $279.99 Classic plan after $50 mail-in rebate (2 year contract required)

    The top 29 markets are as follows:

    • LosAngeles,CA
    • Chicago,IL
    • Phoenix,AZ
    • Houston,TX
    • SanDiego,CA
    • NewYork,NY
    • Seattle,WA
    • Miami/Ft.Lauderdale,FL
    • Dallas/Ft.Worth,TX
    • SanFrancisco,CA
    • SaltLakeCity,UT
    • Denver,CO
    • Minneapolis,MN
    • Tampa/St.Petersburg,FL
    • Philadelphia,PA
    • SanAntonio,TX
    • Portland,OR
    • Austin,TX
    • Atlanta,GA
    • KansasCity,MO
    • Boston,MA
    • Sacramento,CA
    • Orlando,FL
    • Detroit,MI
    • WashingtonDC*
    • Cleveland,OH
    • Jacksonville,FL
    • Charlotte,NC
    • McAllen,TX

    Wow's a good word. I was thinking more like BS. What are the other carriers selling theirs for? Like $550?
  21. Hustletron

    Hustletron Well-Known Member

    Well I'm in jacksonville, fl so I guess thats okay but why is it $279? It better be for the 32 gig then.

    Slightly off topic, I started wondering what Value Plans were and I looked some up on the website, I found one with a Galaxy S2, 500 minutes, unlimited text and data with 2 Gigs of high speed data for $49.99 a month, is that legit? If so I don't see why more people wouldn't want to pay that much for a plan like that. Or am I reading it wrong?

    I understand the phone says $599 so is that why the plan is so low a month?

    EDIT: maybe if I read the top of the page >.>
  22. zachavm

    zachavm Android Enthusiast

    I could be wrong, but I think this might just be them getting a little bit extra out of the initial demand. T-Mobile has a habit of running lots of specials to so once the initial demand is satisfied (one, two months tops) then We'll probably see the official price ease down and/or some online specials popping up here and there. Since I'm hoping to pick it up on ebay, I'm REALLY hoping for this.
  23. Kasé Zomé

    Kasé Zomé Newbie

    I'm in San Diego and my local store manager has me as #2 on the list (of the 4 phones he's getting on the 21st) so I'll be guaranteed one. What he doesn't know though is what colour and what memory capacity he's getting.

    The CNET review shows that Tmo will have both the 16GB and 32GB on the 21st. Let's hope so!
  24. VGPOP

    VGPOP Android Enthusiast

    I have a question, if I pay full price for the T-Mobile version, is that considered the unlock version?

    I want to purchase this phone and unlock it and use it with Walmart Mobile Family plan.

    Can this be done?

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