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[T-Mobile] When I turn the power on, the screen is stuck on the

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by davidluong, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. davidluong

    davidluong Lurker
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    Ok so what happened it that I had rooted my phone like 2 days agos. Just yesterday I Installed this app called "multi-window panel manager" which lets you add apps to the multi window panel. I had add "simpson's tapped out(a game)" and ifunny, then the screen froze and it had shut down. I tried to turn it on and it worked but then after a minute the screen lagged and shut down. Then I preformed a master reset/format data and it had worked. I turned on the phone and i had my apps backed up on google play or google+ and it automatically was download all my apps. So there were some apps that I didn't want so I clicked "do not install/ the "X" button" on google play. After about an hour the screen lagged and shut down. So i did another master reset and when I turned it on, the screen is froze on the "samsung galaxy s4" logo. Then I took it to my local T moblie store and they said that I have to unroot my phone first. I did the "volume up, home and then power button" to take me back to the recovery thingy. I still have the "TWRP" and when i clicked recover, the phone said that is wasnt rooted and that is gave me the option to install "supersu" which will root my phone. the question is, is my phone rooted? and how to I deal with this problem?

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  2. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    Welcome to the forum David. What method did you use to root?

    If you want to unroot, use odin to install the stock UVUAMDL rom. See how your phone works. If its ok you can try root again. If its still having problems and you want to take it back;

    You need to be on the stock rom and stock recovery. If you don't use TA, system status in Odin mode will show Custom and also Device Status in settings will show Custom. You don't want that if you have to return your phone for some reason.

    1 - Odin stock MDL rom.

    2 - Use CF-Auto-Root from the XDA thread. Just install it through PDA in Odin. (see his 2nd post for instructions) Now you're rooted with stock recovery so you can use Triangle Away.

    3 - Use Triangle Away. Follow the directions exactly.

    4 - After phone reboots, go back to stock recovery, do a factory reset and wipe cache partition.

    Everything in Odin mode and in settings About Device should all say Official now.
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  3. davidluong

    davidluong Lurker
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    Ok I will do that and I will see if it works, thank you. Oh and the method I did was the twrp method. I will reply back when I finish and thank you again. Oh and do I have to use triangle away? what does that do? and do i have to buy it? Oh and one last thing, I'm didn't make it clear but I want to UNROOT my phone will these instructions do so?
  4. Atma

    Atma Extreme Android User

    Yes using Odin to install the stock ROM will unroot you and make everything stock again. You can try without triangle away first, but I think it will show custom when you look in Odin mode. Maybe it will be OK as long as it shows official under settings > about phone > status > device status. After you use Odin, factory reset to make sure everything is stock.
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  5. davidluong

    davidluong Lurker
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    OOOOH MAA GOOOODNESSS thank you its works :DDD LOVE YOU!!
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