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T-Mobile's Android-specific APN?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by snovvman, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. snovvman

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    In speaking with a T-Mobile data support, I was told the following:

    "We have several APNs depending on device, Android phones are provisioned with an Android-specific APN."

    I know the following APNs are used:

    epc.tmobile.com - used on every device, including Blackberry, NAT-based, not externally addressable. It is also provisioned for BBs in case the SIM is inserted into a non-BB phone.

    BB-specific APN (don't remember the URL)

    internet2.voicestream.com - used on "smartphones", presuming to be mostly Windows Mobile phones. Still NAT-based.

    internet3.voicestream.com - provisioned for VPN customers, externally addressable.


    Questions, presuming the tech's statement was true:

    1) What are the APNs provisioned on your Android device? I presume you have epc.tmobile.com, but is there another?

    2) Does anyone know why Androids use a different APN than WM devices?

    3) How is this APN different?


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