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T-Mobile's Galaxy S Vibrant (SGH-T959) & Galaxy S 4g (SGH-T959V) : Can they be rooted the same way?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by dirtydeeogee, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. dirtydeeogee

    dirtydeeogee Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I own a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4g (SGH-T959V) that I want to root, and I was wondering if it could be rooted just like the Vibrant (SGH-T959). Can someone please help. I eventually want to install jellybean 4.1 on it.

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  2. bongTech

    bongTech Lurker

    I just did it today! I was stoked, took an hour or two but well worth it, now using a Telus SIM in a Mobilcity Galaxy , flashed with Tmobile Root - Working BEAAAAUUUTIFULLY... process itself doesn't take long after everything is in order... let me know if you are running GingerB 2.3.6 firmware and if so than I will post the necessary links alright? Thanks

    i'm about to figure out if our phones are capable of running New Android OS like ICS
  3. dant2757

    dant2757 Lurker

    I am running GB 2.3.6. Tried to root the S 4G and now it only displays the Samsung Galaxy image. I can still get into download but nothing seems to work.

    Will you post your instructions ans links.

    Thanks much
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  4. Thedeadman21

    Thedeadman21 Lurker

    I been now for the past 6 hours been doing research online but none of the methods i have found work, i recently tried to use the heimdall method to restore my phone back 2 stock i usually use odin, so not being that familiar with heimdalls one click to stock method somehow when my phone froze and my goofy ass forced the phone to turn off by removing battery only due to phone froze, now it comes up "Firmware upgrade encountered an issue, please select recovery mode in kies and try again, have tried this but pc recoginzes phone as hear sound and under my device manager it shows my drivers but kies nor any other program recognizes it, i have removed all drivers and even one click and odin off my pc and rebooted my pc and phone multiple times, need help somebody anybody plzzzz!!!!!

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