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T9 using a bluetooth keypad

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by summersab, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. summersab

    summersab Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I know I know, texting while doing other things (we all know what I'm talking about) isn't safe. However, one thing I miss about the flip phone that I ditched a month ago is that I could text completely without looking by using T9. I was really good at it. With the full QWERTY on my Samsung Moment . . . no bueno. I have to look, and sometimes, it's not safe.

    I had a thought the other night. Is there a way to pair a bluetooth number pad with a phone and use it for T9? I assume the number pad would have to be used upside-down (keypads are flipped from phones), but it would work wonderfully. I'm sure some software would be needed, but I'm no application developer, so I don't know where to start. Any thoughts?

  2. iLikePizza

    iLikePizza Lurker

    This exactly what i want. A bluetooth T9 keypad for my hand so that i can dri...ummm... watch tv and type at the same time. I found twiddler which is kinda close, but its for a computer... i like how it fits into one hand and you don't have to have it on a desk. There is also frogpad or ifrog.. and they come with bluetooth, but you gotta have it on a desk. neither of these are t9 though... =(

    i can type so fast on my t9. i don't want a qwerty. i want just a few buttons that i'm already used to... and i want the tactile feel of the buttons... I know that the new nokia n8 will have an on screen t9, but i don't want stuff on my screen... i want buttons...

    i'm looking... and if i find anything, i'll post it here.
  3. Billes

    Billes Lurker

    I was just thinking how awesome this would be.. I loved my Nokia N95 and older 6600, as texting without looking was super easy... A small handheld bluetooth numberpad would be awesome.. hope someone comes out with something like this. Guess the other option would be to re-purpose one of my old phones and see if I could get it communicating via bluetooth to my new one. Could be worth looking into!
  4. edmundlee100

    edmundlee100 Lurker

    Ya, this is one thing I miss about the old T9 phones as well. I love using T9 keyboards since I can type without looking. hell, I could keep up another conversation while typing as well. It would be great if someone can come up with this product, or somehow able to reprogram an old phone, since all the hardware is already present, keyboard and bluetooth.
  5. naatumach

    naatumach Lurker

    yes... i would also like one so that i can text easily my tab is a little too big to hold and type. and i can type really fast on my T9 than the qwerty and i prefer the feel of the buttons over an onscreen keyboard
  6. mattcelt

    mattcelt Lurker

    I thought I was the only one! I've stubbornly held on to my Ericsson candybar phones forever for just this reason (except I use multi-tap instead of T9). But I just bought a Galaxy SII to use when I don't want to lug my tablet around, and it turns out that the US mobile carriers won't let you switch a tablet SIM with a phone anymore. (Greedy bastards.)

    I love all the other features of Android, but texting - which is what I do most with my phone - is almost unbearable. But a bluetooth dial pad, now that would do the trick...

    So have anyone found anything like this yet? Would it be possible to build one?
  7. chadchavez

    chadchavez Lurker

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