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Ta-BooYa available for download from Android Market

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by pdxappdev, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. pdxappdev

    pdxappdev New Member
    Thread Starter

    We have a new app available for download and we'd love your feedback!

    Ta-BooYa is two games in one app.

    Ta-BooYa Traditional is similar to Hasbro's Taboo game but with additional features and up to 10 "forbidden" words per card. Great for parties! Can be played with 2 players but requires at least 4 for real competition.


    In Ta-BooYa Reverse, you receive clues one at a time in a race agains the clock.


    Both variations include many game options.

    The Lite version is free and comes with 200 game cards.

    Ta-BooYa Lite:


    The full version is $1.99, and comes with over 1000 game cards.

    Ta-BooYa (full):

    Ta-BooYa v1.06 Game for Android | Brain & Puzzle

    Further description and demo videos:

    PDX App Developers

    Some questions we have for Android users and developers:

    1. Is the game too easy, too hard, or about right?
    2. Is the game play understandable?
    3. Is it easy to navigate between different parts of the app (game, settings, instructions)?
    4. Is the game fun?
    5. Is the price right for the full version?
    6. Should features be more limited or more available for the Lite version?
    7. Would you buy the full version?

    Feel free to make other suggestions or ask questions about our app.


  2. pdxappdev

    pdxappdev New Member
    Thread Starter

    We've made a few updates, described here.

    PDX App Developers

    A few of the comments on Android Market have been useful, but we could use a more detailed review by interested Android fans.
  3. 89tabbie

    89tabbie New Member

    Dec 7, 2010
    where can i buy the apps?
  4. pdxappdev

    pdxappdev New Member
    Thread Starter

    From your Android device, bring up Android Market and search for:


    The dash is important. We will probably make an update at some point to remove the dash from the app name because searching for "TaBooYa" doesn't work reliably.

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