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Tab 10.1 screen protector for Note 10.1?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chrish, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. chrish

    chrish Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've mistakenly bought a Galaxy Tab 10.1 screen protector. It's clearly not exactly the right size for the Note 10.1 that I have but I wondered if anyone had tried using one. I'd need to trim the sides to stop it overlaying the speakers.

    Does anyone have any advice? Or am I the only one foolish enough to have done this? :)

    Thanks, Chris

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  2. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    Screen protection is unneeded.
  3. Benjie

    Benjie Android Enthusiast

    Never believe that. Scratch it...
  4. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    Yeah go ahead and scratch away. I mean screen protection is not needed for a normal "non stupid" person.:) Have a nice day everyone.;)
  5. Benjie

    Benjie Android Enthusiast

    Last I say on this. I take care of my equipment. I have an Acer A500 that did not have a screen protector and it has a scratch on it that is noticeable. That scratch did need to be there, but it was not needed it had Gorilla Glass.
  6. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    Since I don't find major protection case's being sold for the Galaxy 10.1 note as they sell for the iPads. Maybe people need a soft protection carry case for their Galaxy 10.1 note. I have on my two iPads one a Griffin Survivor the other a LifeProof nuud. As with your Acer500 anything can get damaged if your not careful and then bad things still happen.:rolleyes:
  7. chrish

    chrish Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well - I bought the Samsung case for my Note 10.1 & that's very good.

    But believe me, if you lived with my 5 year old you'd want a screen protector on your tablet too. Or ban him from using it & the very good games it offers of course. I prefer to try a protector.

    Anyone got any more advice? I may just have to set to the Tab protector with a Stanley knife.
  8. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Android Expert

    I bought the SGP crystal clear screen protector the day the tablet came out. I literally can't even tell it is there. (One of my friends has one and if we set them down together the only way I can tell is to run my fingernail across the very edge to see if I can feel it).

    It is pricey and my not be necessary but peace of mind is worth something.
  9. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Newbie

    I put one on mine, don't remember the name unfortunately. It was pricey and carried by best buy. It doesn't finger print up as bad, and I like the added friction when using the s-pen. Don't know if will scratch, but I take it job sites and throw it on my truck seat. 500 bucks for this thing I'll gladly put a 20 dollar film on the screen cause stuff happens.

    Edit-as to the original question, if it's a hassle to return I would take an xacto knife and straight edge and cut it. No biggie.
  10. Benjie

    Benjie Android Enthusiast

    Just ordered mine.
  11. Benjie

    Benjie Android Enthusiast

    I had the same and removed it due to the inability to accurately use the pen. Finger use though was good and no bubbles. I am concerned about not protector until the replacement arrives.
  12. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Newbie

    I didn't notice it making the pen inaccurate but will keep an eye on it.
  13. cebu111

    cebu111 Newbie

    I dont have issues having screen protector,when i use the pen.
  14. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    At my local Best Buy there has been a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 Note on display since it was released for sale. I check it every time I am at the store, about once a week. I see children poking it with everything from their fingers to a toy they might be also holding, I see Adults abusing the tablet I see it falling off it's small display stand onto the table. I check it when no one is around and I don't find and damage after cleaning off all the finger prints. And it still is working with no problems. This tells me unless someone is really intent on doing damage to the screen, like using a sharp hard object the screen will not be damaged. If you people buying the screen protection feel better, then I am glad you do.
  15. RogS

    RogS Newbie

    I think that's the main benefit, I've put a screen protector on and I haven't had to wipe my prints off it since.

    Not an easy thing to put on though, took me a few goes and there are still a couple of tiny bubbles, but I only really notice them when I switch it off.
  16. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Newbie

    If you want one it has its benefits other than just scratches. Not sure why the repeated effort to convince everyone that it is not needed. I don't have the neatest hand writing, and the screen is a slippery sucker. Screen protector is not as slippery and my hand writing looks better with what little friction it provides.

    If mine slides off the truck seat and across the various tools that are usually on the floor, would rather have the case and screen protector on it. So depends what you do with it. Maybe totally not needed, but since I shelled out the doe for it I''ll decide how to protect it. I treat it like gold, but $h1t happens.

    Oh, and "I feel better." Thanks for your concern! ;)
  17. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    You need a Griffin Survivor not a simple screen protector.;) But I don't think they make one for the Galaxy 10.1 Note.
  18. Scooter04

    Scooter04 Newbie

    Very true. Someday maybe we will be mainstream and get cool cases.
  19. Galaxy Tab2 47

    Galaxy Tab2 47 Android Enthusiast

    I have both the Galaxy 10.1 Note and an iPad2 and iPad4. The Galaxy 10.1 Note is a really good tablet with a really bright clear screen IMHO as good to my eyes as my iPad4 with their new screen. It's processor is as fast as my iPad4 and it has the same size Ram. I read some posters say the Galaxys case is not strong and bends, I don't find it that way. Seems a good case to me. Samsung just has not done the same job as marketing it as Apple has done with their iPads. And the Media just loves making a lot about everything Apple sells. The Galaxy having a memory slot is a really good item the iPads don't have. And I find the Google store has enough Apt's for me to use. I feel the Galaxys O.S. Ice cream sandwich does a good job, soon I feel we will all have the new Jellybean O.S. iPads are nice but over priced IMHO. The Galaxy 10.1 Note is a great tablet at a really good price. It just needs better marketing.:)

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