Root TAB 2 rooting


Hey new to the forums and need advice on what is the best choices for rooting a TAB 2 7.0? I have a pair of them that are for my kids to use, they download a lot of crap and it tends to slow this tablet down and that kills the battery. I want something that allows me to delete the majority of the bloatware that Samsung puts on these as well as make them more efficient. These TABs are old and no issues with warranty just want them to work for the kids on an upcoming trip. Any help I can get would be great.


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Hi! Found this link en route to trying to resuscitate my old Tab 2 as a pdf reader; it's running soooo slooowwwlllly that I'm wondering if rooting it would help. However, the links above don't work, so not even sure where to start reading to figure out if it's worth doing this. Thanks in advance for any pointers!