Tab 2 to Jelly Bean


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My wife has this:-

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Dual Core 32GB Wi-Fi 10.1'' White Tablet - Tablets - iPad & tablets - Technology - Sainsbury’s

I cannot remember how we got it to run Jelly Bean - 4.1.1. It may have come already installed? Any ideas?

However the question I want to ask is if I buy:-

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Dual Core 16GB Wi-Fi 10.1'' White Tablet - Electrical gifts - Gifts - Sainsbury’s

i.e. the 16GB version. Is it easy to update to Jelly Bean?

Note I will be buying from this source as I get a large discount.


It could be that the tablet has 4.1.1 Jelly Bean installed already. My Black Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 had Ice Cream Sandwich preinstalled. My guess is that you got a later version with factory installed Jelly Bean.

So far updates via Kies or OTA are smooth requiring little setup. Good Luck and cheers! :beer:


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Mine came preloaded with 4.1.1 trying to get it over to 4.1.2 or better yet 4.2. At&t tabz come with 4.1.2 pre loaded, but it seems flashing is easier on ICS


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Got the Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5110

OS is 4.1.1


is confirmed, by Kies, to be the latest firmware.