Help Tab 4 8.0 Lollipop install help

Hi everyone. Just wondering what the best way to update to 5.1.1 is whether it be with odin or kies. Long story short I've never done any rooting or ROM installing but given that I'm guided correctly I should be fine. I do however want to make sure I don't brick the device, because it's actually my parents.

I have a Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 model number SM-T330 and it's the Australian version (CSC code XSA) Lollipop is not available at all through the normal update method in settings and there was no update available through the "PHONE INFO Samsung" app because Australia never received lollipop firmware. I'm only looking for official firmware/ROMs.

I looked into this briefly and even though a UK version of the tab 4 will still be the model number SM-T330 there is something called a CSC code which is like a region code? From what I gathered you need to change the CSC code to the desired firmware. In my brief research this requires a rooted device, which I'm willing to do if needed.

Also what is a changelist? If the changelist number is higher does that mean it's a more recent version of the firmware with extra bug fixes? For example the Brazil lollipop build was updated already in 2016 and has a much higher changelist number than the UK version but they're both 5.1.1. So should I go for the Brazil one?

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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