Tablet as a photo viewer

Rev Gear

Jul 21, 2010
I'm after some advice about using a tablet as a photo viewer, or more specifically my parents are after some advice. They go on holiday a lot and take a lot of digital photos but want a simple way to show them to their friends without either printing off or uploading to a Flickr.

I've narrowed the option down to either a netbook or Android tablet. The netbook has the advantage of more storage space plus they are already familiar with using Win7, whereas the tablet is a better form factor to pass round a group of people.

My initial concern with a tablet is how easy is it to copy pictures to the internal storage? I know from using my HTC Desire that I can mount the device as an external drive on my PC and drag-&-drop files, but I also know that no matter how many times I show them how to do it they won't understand or remember for next time. I assume it would be possible to plug a USB thumb drive into the tablet and read the files from there. Would it also be possible to attach the camera via USB and either display those pictures or copy to internal storage?

I guess really my question isn't "is this possible" but "how easy is it". Bare in mind that they are used to plugging their camera into a desktop PC and having Win7 automatically copy the contents of the camera's memory card. Anything much more complicated than that and they are going to struggle.

Finally of course, any recommendations? We're looking at a budget of around
I've done a little digging and the Archos 101 looks to have the ability to plug in external USB devices. The downside being it's running Android 2.2 with no access to the official Android Market. It's circa
Think the easiest option would probably just a digital photo frame that takes SD-cards. SD-card from camera, insert in photo frame, show the pictures, no computer needed.
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check out the Archos.

I'd initially discounted a digital frame on the basis you'd need to be close to a power outlet and have limited control over the slideshow but having done a bit of digging some of the newer models are a lot better than I expected. Might be a possibility after all.