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Tablet as squeezebox remote

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by parody1, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. parody1

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    Hi All

    I got hold of a "HeroTab", "GTab", "ePad" or whatever generic name you want to call it on the cheap with the intention of using it in a stand solely as a squeezebox remote using the official app.

    Following a tutorial I found it has been upgraded to 2.3 with official market and works well.

    Using various apps and tweaks I've got it to the point of an always on screen and autostarting into squeezebox remote. I've also put super status bar on there to at least make it black to blend in a little better.

    But what I really want is the following...

    1) Autoboot into squeezebox remote
    2) With no status/notification bar (full screen) - I wont need and soft buttons
    3) rotated the other way in landscape (when I say other way I mean it only seems to lock in one orientation and I want it upside down so the power socket is in a better place)
    4) Screen dim after x time without activity. I only want it to dim, like it seems to after half the screen timeout time. So it remains active for a touch to bring squeezebox remote back (no having to press power button). Even better would be instead of dim if a clock and/or weather could be displayed.

    I have been using squeezebox and android hacked jogglers till now but their reliability is less than perfect. The tablet seems to be quite stable so far.

    Also is there any way to improve the smoothness of scrolling in the squeezebox remote app?

    Thanks all!

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