tablet has no move to sd option


Oct 29, 2014
I got my father a tabket for his bday.
Its a rca rct6272w23

Its his first tablet/computer/smart phone ever s I got him a low price cheap one he can ruin, So while I was setting it up an getting him some apps he can have some fun with while learning how to use a android I tryed to move some apps to sd card so I could dl more but OH NOES no move to sd option.

So I'm not exactly great with this stuff. I tryed to root it but could not find drivers for it an I have no idea how to use programs to make drivers.

Bottom line how can I make apps move to sd on this thing . or is he just going to have to learn to delete an dl his own apps Lol.

Tanks for your time.
Moving to SD hasn't really been supported in Android since 4.0, though some manufacturers have added it back in some devices. So chances are that you're out of luck. Best bet might be to use the removable card for media and not to clutter the limited internal storage with stuff like that.

There are generally solutions if you root, but rooting procedures are device-specific and so I can't help with this one.
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Good manufacturers will include the option as it is somewhat useful, I wouldnt expect cheapo brands to make the effort.