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Tablet - i'm a student, what do you recommend?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by confusedperson, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. confusedperson

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    So I'm a student and exam season will be coming soon. I revise by rewriting all my notes. I've done so for all my student life. It's effective, but I'm not a fan of all the paper I have. It's a hassle just looking for my revision notes if I want to go back on a topic. So this is why I want a tablet. I will be able to have access to my notes and don't have to wrry about wasting paper and even lugging it around when I want to revise in a library.
    What definitely I want in a tablet:
    - A tablet that allows me to handwrite as well as type
    - A tablet which does have a fairly good app/software that allows me to write/type notes
    - Multi screen would be nice. So if I'm writing my notes, I can surf the web

    Other things that would be a bonus:
    - Screen clarity. I really can appreciate a good screen! But it's not essential
    - Perhaps expandable memory? (but if the tablet is already 8GB/16GB then it shouldn't really matter)

    I've done some research into tablets and the two that I'm liking the sound of are Google nexus 7, and Samsung tab 10.

    Since I am a student, I want to keep it on a budget. Willing to spend around


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