Tablet Skin not showing up in Android Studio’s ‘Create Virtual Device’


In trying to create an emulator of a Samsung tablet (Tab A 9.7 for example), I start with "New Hardware Profile" which goes to "Choose a device definition"

I'm not sure if it's suppose to, but the Galaxy_Tab_A_9.7 does not show up, so I chose the Nexus 10.
![Configure Hardware Profile|661x500](upload://d1ukYtaZ9vb7WKfYw1zRdMI3CnF.png)

As you can see, that is not a good selection (not big enough). So if I go back to the "Choose a device definition" and click "Next", on the next screen which is
"Select a system image", there is nothing there to select from.![Select a system image|690x445](upload://8j3GXrFpUPpD2oWCI43VLOjwRjL.png)

Any idea of what I'm doing wrong would be greatly appreciated.



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