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Tactic Master - RTS Battle

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by zPowDev, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. zPowDev

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    Hello Everyone,

    I would like to present my new android strategy game Tactic Master.



    Gameplay Video

    Gameplay - Hindi/Urdu

    Gameplay - Portuguese

    Gameplay - Spanish

    This is a very challenging offline RTS battle game that require pre-battle planning and tactics to win. Unlike other RTS battle games, there are no castles to destroy, you just need to reach to the enemy base to win. Also, the number of warriors to spawn is limited which makes it more challenging.

    You have various guys in the game, 22 units in total:

    1. Melee Warriors ⚔️:
    • 3 lightweight melee guys that are very fast to deploy ‍♂️
    • 4 heavyweight melee guys

    2. Ranged warriors :
    • 2 with firearms
    • 1 with grenade attack
    • 1 with lethal gas attack

    3. Magic warriors :
    • 2 with freezing attacks : effect varies according to the warrior
    • 1 with vortex attack
    • 1 mage to convert enemy troops: effect varies according to the warrior
    • 1 with electric attack ⚡ : effect varies according to the warrior

    4. Special Warriors :
    • 1 lays landmines
    • 1 calls airstrike every 25 seconds ✈️
    • 1 guy with explosive belt
    • 1 medic : when deployed, he adds 30 HP to all your units every 3 seconds

    5. Monster Warriors :
    • 1 spider ️
    • 1 skeleton
    Please try it and give me your feedbacks.
    I hope you enjoy it!
    Thank you.

  2. DonB

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    Good luck with the app, Cheers
  3. zPowDev

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    Dear All,

    Tactic Master is now featured in The Indie Corner section of Google Play Store.

    Screenshot_20191005-142435_Google Play Store.jpg

Tactic Master - Strategy Battl

Tactic Master - Strategy Battl Forum


An offline, single-player, real time card battle game. Plunge into lightning-fast battles and fight in campaign, studio and random modes. Face fearsome enemies, dominate them and crash them all with your strategy and power. You need to reach your enemy's base or eliminate all his warriors to win the battle. Defend your base. Fight off monsters, warriors and mages hordes from reaching your territory. Clash with the enemy and make sure your kingdom is safe. You have several cards with different abilities, mages, spells, warriors, monsters, guns, rifles, swords, landmines, explosions and even airstrikes. Show off your war skills and striking strategies. Build an invincible hero team, crash you enemy troops and rise to the Top! In this epic clash game, BRUTE FORCE can sometimes work but as you are often overwhelmingly outnumbered you need to sharpen your tactics and set optimal defense and attack formations to dominate the enemy. You have 5 types of Warriors in the game: Melee: Use them to breach the enemy's defense or to cover the ranged warriors. Ranged: Guns, grenades, rifles, lethal gas, all needed weapons to make a bloody wargame... tactical weapons to destroy the enemy from distance. Magic: spells, mages, ice attacks, thunder, special spells and magic attacks... Special: warriors with special attacks like airstrikes, bombs, nuke, medic, landmines etc. Monsters: fearsome warriors, very strong with strong armors and weapons. How many campaign levels can you beat? Challenge your friends and show them who is the real Tactic Master! In the studio mode you choose your troops, the enemy troops and the map.The only limit is your own creativity. Make it a bloody wargame or an epic battle simulator or anything you want to have fun while watching these mighty warriors crash each other. The Random mode can bring supper challenging battles especially when you get less powerful Cards. However, use every spell, gun, warrior and war tactic you have to win the battle and remain the king of the land! Credits: http://www.raytronlab.com/tactic_master_credits.html Privacy Policy: http://www.raytronlab.com/privacy.html

October 9, 2019
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